Who we are


The International Development Policy Institute's mission is to promote agricultural transformation, food security and the elimination of poverty through cutting-edge policy analysis, advice and stakeholder engagement.

At IDPI, we believe public policy plays a key role in catalyzing change in the developing world. Through our unique combination of high-quality technical analysis, partnerships and in-depth understanding of local policy environments, we provide turn-key solutions to address food and agricultural policy challenges. 

Our associates have partnered with governments, business, civil society and development organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia across various policy areas such as markets, trade, inputs and public investment. They have a proven track-record in boosting competitiveness and growth in agricultural value chains and enhancing the effectiveness of government policy and budgets. 

  • We apply rigorous political economy analyses to analyze the policy context and identify issues that constrain agricultural transformation and food security
  • We have a track record as trusted policy advisors
  • We carry out state-of-the-art economic analysis to assess the costs and benefits of actionable options for rural policy reform
  • We actively engage stakeholders to promote inclusive change

At IDPI, we believe analysis, advice and advocacy are strongly inter-connected. With our network of local contacts, field knowledge and hands-on experience as advisors, we make our evidence inspire policy change that improves lives. 

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